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Tuesday, 09 Feb 2016

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“I believe that a business’ greatest assets are its human assets, and the improvement of their value is both a matter of material advantage and moral obligation. I believe that employees must be treated as honourable individuals, justly rewarded, encouraged in their progress, fully informed and properly assigned, and that their lives and work must be given meaning and dignity on and off the job.” Hubert d’Aboville, President and CEO. The men and women of PAMATEC are a team of highly motivated professionals equipped to handle clients’ needs. PAMATEC invests strongly in the professional training of its sales and after sales engineers by sending to France, Italy, USA and Singapore In a regular schedule their knowledge and skills ad to expose them to the latest innovation and technology. The men and women of PAMATEC are committed to providing substantive responses to problems of their clients through the provision of personalized service and to identify potential opportunities for both client and PAMATEC.